“When I started my project "Strong Women - Beneath The Muscle", a documentary about female bodybuilding I didn't know much but I had a tremendous amount of curiosity about the sport and the kind of woman who is attracted to it. And then, I met Brenda Smith who has helped me tremendously. She is one of a kind in every way. What strikes me most about Brenda is that she is so honest and straight forward along with being incredibly smart and giving of her time. She knows this sport because she has lived it for the past 20 years. I believe she has helped me with this project because she would like to bring about change for all the girls who devote their lives to becoming a female bodybuilder. Brenda is a sweet and engaging woman and anyone who sees this film will be touched by her.”

Marilyn Braverman 

Braverman Productions

After two years of learning and diligently working out to further my goals of weight loss, I find that I am happier today than I have been. It is with a mixture of happiness and determination that I continually get my butt kicked by you.  No pain is as great as the pain of Monday morning after a hard Saturday/Sunday work out. 
We all take many roads during our travel through life, and the more fortunate of us, meet up with professionals who personify a commitment to quality and are motivated to succeed. You characterize these qualities and I am indebted for your sharing these gifts with me.  I appreciate your advice and grateful for your patience and mentoring.”

Megan Gunn (aka “Large Marge”)

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